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The Girl By The Lake Poster

The Girl By The Lake

In this engrossing thriller that swept the 2008 David di Donatello Awards, an idyllic town in the Italian Dolomites is shocked by the murder of young and beautiful Anna; her body found naked at the edge of a lake with no signs of sexual assault or struggle. Inspector Giovanni Sanzio (Toni Servillo) is called in from the provincial capital to solve the crime, but the victim proves as mysterious as the crime itself. Suspicion first falls on village simpleton Mario, then transfers to Anna's lay-about boyfriend, Roberto, and even her father, Davide, whose home movies of his daughter pay more attention to her body than would seem appropriate. Indeed, the more Inspector Sanzio and local cop Siboldi (Fausto Sciarappa) dig, the more questions arise.

1hr 35mins long
M Contains offensive language.

Valeria Golino
Toni Servillo
Omero Antonutti
Nello Mascia
Giulia Michelini
Fausto Maria Sciarappa
Fabrizio Gifuni
Augusto Balliana
Anna Bonaiuto
Andrea Molaioli