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The French Kissers Poster

The French Kissers

Overwhelmed by his impulses, physically unappealing, and not very bright, fourteen-year-old Herve lives with his mother. Dating a girl, that's what totally occupies his mind. Unfortunately, in this area, girls keep shutting him down, but he hasn't given up hope yet. One day, it seems that Aurore, one of the prettiest girls in his class, actually likes him. Despite her advances, our clueless Herve doesn't notice anything. When, he finally becomes aware of what's happen, Aurore refuses to go out with him. Then, without a warning, she throws herself into his arms. At last, he has a girlfriend!

1hr 30mins long
R16 offensive language/sex scenes

Yanig Samot
Vincent Lacoste
Valeria Golino
Simon Barbery
Robin Nizan-Duverger
Riad Sattouf
Noemie Lvovsky
Meryl Andreys
Marjane Satrapi
Julie Scheibling
Irene Jacob
Emmanuelle Devos