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The Forgiveness of Blood Poster

The Forgiveness of Blood

Intrigued by newspaper accounts of young men in modern Albania caught up in blood feuds, American director Joshua Marston schooled himself in their rigorous ancient code of honour, and fed what he learned into this expose/suspense drama. Seventeen-year-old Nik harbours 21st-century aspirations but there are 15th-century shackles around his feet: his father and uncle have killed a neighbour, and the aggrieved family has the right to kill Nik if he ever leaves the house.

1hr 49mins long

Zana Hasaj
Veton Osmani
Tristan Halilaj
Sindi Lacej
Selman Lokaj
Refet Abazi
Luan Jaha
Kol Zefi
Ilire Vinca Celaj
Esmeralda Gjonlulaj
Erjon Mani
Cun Lajci