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The First Assignment (Il Primo Incarico) Poster

The First Assignment (Il Primo Incarico)

A hit at the Venice Film Festival, Francesco Cecere`s exquisite drama follows Nena (Isabella Ragonese), a young teacher who is posted to a provincial Puglian town where she struggles to connect with the local children and misses her aristocratic boyfriend. Left in limbo after her boyfriend Francesco (Alberto Boll), who seems to sincerely care for her, has not yet asked for her hand in marriage, Nena is forced to leave her family home to take up her first teaching position in another town. But it is the 1950s and being an unmarried woman, living alone, means that Nena comes under intense scrutiny from her inquisitive and judgmental neighbours. Isabella Ragonese (La Nostra Vita, Her Whole Life Ahead) is a rising star in Italy and she has created a wonderful, memorable character in the headstrong Nena – a woman who thinks that everything is lost, but finds hope, friendship and fulfillment in unexpected places. This is Giorgia Cecere`s debut film and it signals a bright new talent in the Italian cinematic landscape.

1hr 26mins long

Rita Schirinzi
Miriana Protopapa
Isabella Ragonese
Giorgia Cecere
Francesco Chiarello
Alberto Boll