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The Double Hour Poster

The Double Hour

As the title signals, even the clock may be duplicitous in this most cunningly constructed of psychological thrillers. Sonia, a pretty, recent arrival from Slovenia, is working as a chambermaid in a fancy Turin hotel, when she joins a speed-dating club and hits it off with Guido, a hunky security guard. A rapid, full-on introduction to Guido's world slides into labyrinthine nightmare.

1hr 35mins long
R16 Violence, sex scenes, suicide

Roberto Accornero
Michele Di Mauro
Lucia Poli
Lorenzo Gioielli
Lidia Vitale
Kseniya Rappoport
Giuseppe Capotondi
Giampiero Judica
Gaetano Bruno
Filippo Timi
Fausto Russo Alesi
Antonia Trupp