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The Dognapper

Deco, a shy and stroppy music nerd, falls for the self-assured Zoé after almost running over Guto, a narcoleptic puppy who faints every time he gets too excited. After a hot and cold two-year relationship, Zoé, a radio presenter, dumps Deco and returns to her high school sweetheart, Fernando, who has struck success in the dog grooming industry. Deco, outraged, tries to take control of the situation and, with the help of his cousin, sets about trying to get his dog Guto back. Set in the idyllic Rio landscape, this joyous feature is bound to draw laughter from the audience as it pokes fun of the cultural behaviour of the Rio de Janeiro’s inhabitants, and the awkward situations they find themselves in.

2hrs 2mins long
M Sex scenes and offensive language.

Leandra Leal
Danilo Gentili
Bruno Gagliasso