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The Dinner Guest Poster

The Dinner Guest

Fifty years old and unemployed for three years, Gerard is getting desperate when, out of the blue, he is offered a job in Indonesia. Determined to make a good impression on his new boss, Gerard invites him to dinner. A BIG mistake! Panic-stricken, Colette, Gerard's wife, calls in Alexandre, their PR guru neighbour. Alexandre resolves to give the couple the ultimate 24-hour makeover. Their apartment, interior design, lifestyle, taste buds, fashion sense, general knowledge... nothing is overlooked! After many dramas, mishaps, misunderstandings and general bungling, with frazzled nerves, Gerard and Colette open the door to welcome... their dinner guest.

1hr 27mins long
PG Contains low level offensive language.

Valerie Lemercier
Thierry Lhermitte
Pascale Dinizani
Mar Sodupe
Laurent Bouhnik
Hippolyte Girardot
Daniel Auteuil
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