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The Devil Dared Me To

A stunt-fuelled action-comedy from the Kiwi cult-comedy team Back of the Y, "The Devil Dared Me To" follows the story of daredevil stuntman Randy Cambell and his quest to follow in his late father's footsteps and become New Zealand's greatest daredevil stuntman. Ever since growing up as a young boy on a remote New Zealand sheep-farm, Randy has dreamed of performing the ultimate daredevil stunt: jumping across Cook Strait in a rocket car. It is this dream that sends him on his quest from the South Island sheep farm to the bright lights of Auckland city. Along the way Randy teams up with the travelling misfit stunt-team the Timaru Hellriders, is employed by mentor-turned nemesis stunt co-ordinator Dick Johansonson, and meets the love of his life, the one-legged cunning stunt babe Tracy "Tragedy" Jones. A hilarious, anarchic and irreverent adventure of cars, stunts and rock 'n roll, "The Devil Dared Me To" is one hell of a ride mixing side-splitting comedy and crazy death-defying action.

1hr 21mins long
R16 Contains Offensive language, violence and other content that may offend

Phillip Brough
Matt Heath
Chris Stapp
Andrew Beattie