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The Deadly Ponies Gang Poster

The Deadly Ponies Gang

All hail Clint and Dwayne, awesome pony-riding gang of two. Best friends who hang out on the rural fringes of West Auckland, they deal tinnies to pony club mums and bling out their own brave steeds with pearls, sunglasses and glitter. Their Maori friend Kody is busting to join the white-boy gang, but he’s only 12 so they’re holding him off for the time being. Community-spirited in the best gang tradition, they stage their own Christmas parade and hand out toys like money’s no object. Let’s just say these presents come from people who can afford more presents, explains Clint. Never short of a suave move himself when the ladies come to pat the ponies, he worries that Dwayne’s not pulling the way he once did. Maybe he can turn that around by getting young Dwayne a new set of teeth.

1hr 13mins long
R13 Contains drug use and offensive language

Zoe McIntosh
The Rhymestone Cowboy
Sophie Musgrove
Kody Rowe
Dwayne Sission
Clint Rarm