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The Dead Girl

Krista's body is found by Arden (Toni Collette), a lonesome caretaker living with her irascible mother (Piper Laurie). This leads to Leah (Rose Byrne), a forensics graduate student whose sister went missing as a child, stumbling upon possible closure when Krista's body appears on her gurney. The story continues with Ruth (Mary Beth Hurt), who in the midst of a long and intense love/hate relationship with her husband (Nick Searcy), discovers a disturbing connection between her husband and Krista's murder. Finally, Melora (Marcia Gay Harden) is a mother searching for answers about her runaway daughter Krista�s troubled life and finds help in her quest from another troubled young woman (Kerry Washington).

1hr 34mins long
R16 Contains violence,offensive language and sex scenes

Toni Collette
Rose Byrne
Karen Moncrieff
Josh Brolin
James Franco
Giovanni Ribisi
Brittany Murphy