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The Camera On The Shore

The Camera on the Shore is Barry Barclay's metaphor for the camera in the hands of indigenous people – who may or may not turn it back on the 'ship people' who have so readily turned it on them. When Graeme Tuckett turned his camera on Barclay, his subject was in poor health, but he had a lot going on: a book just published, a novel in the works and a film project to talk up. Nonetheless the interviews he obtained before Barclay's unexpected death in February 2008 have a ruminative, for-the-record weight to them that make the film as moving as it is instructive.

1hr 41mins long

Stephen McCurdy
Owen Hughs
Mikaera Miru
Matt Barclay
Martyn Sanderson
Ian John
Graeme Tuckett
Craig Walters
Craig McLeod
Claire Barclay
Barry Barclay