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The Big Heart of Girls Poster

The Big Heart of Girls

Good-looking Carlino Vigetti is not the brightest man in the village. But, like his father and grandfather before him, he is irresistible to the local womenfolk. Poverty and the fear of eviction from their farm force the Vigetti family to make a deal with the rich landowners, the Osti family. Saddled with two unmarried daughters over the age of 30, Sisto Osti reluctantly accepts Carlino as his son-in-law in return for tenancy security and a sleek Guzzi motorbike. Sisto is given a month to decide which daughter Carlino will marry, but the unexpected arrival home on the decision-day of a third sister, the young and beautiful Francesca upsets all plans. It is love at first sight between Francesca and Carlino, and so plans for the wedding ensue. However, not even marriage to the girl of his dreams keeps promiscuous Carlino on the straight and narrow.

1hr 22mins long
M Contains nudity & sexual references

Pupi Avati
Micaela Ramazzotti
Gianni Cavina
Cesare Cremonini
Andrea Roncato