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Thanks to My Friends Poster

Thanks to My Friends

Alex (Alex Lutz) and Jeff (Bruno Sanches) are coworkers at a major multinational corporation and have been best friends since high school. With their respective wives, Carole and Cécile (beautifully played by Marivin and Lamy), they’re almost like a family, making their way steadily through life with no great ambitions.When their boss attempts to commit suicide again, a motivational speaker is brought into the company to maintain employee productivity. This life coach is none other than Alex’s childhood friend Thibault (Tom Dingler), who wastes no time throwing Alex’s happy little life into confusion. Handsome and brilliant, Thibault starts pushing Alex to fulfill his dreams, even if it means losing Jeff’s friendship.Lutz and Sanches, known for their satire news show Catherine and Liliane, are endearing as ever as old mates in crisis in a comedy that mocks corporate culture and the contemporary mono-conception of what happiness means.

1hr 38mins long