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Tea And Coffee Towers Poster

Tea And Coffee Towers

A production by Museo Alessi and Anna Pitscheider. In The tea and Coffee Towers project, 20 architects who used to work mainly in urban scale, were asked to design a Tea and Coffee Set as it was a micro-architecture. This project was presented at Venice Biennale in 2002. In this documentary the Architects describe their experience of answering to eight standard questions about the method and process they went through. Inclues THOM MAYNE MORPHOSIS ZAHA HADID TOM KOVAC | DEZS├ľ EKLER TOYO ITO JEAN NOUVEL DORIANA, MASSIMILIANO FUKSAS DOMINIQUE PERRAULT FUTURE SYSTEMS JUAN NAVARRO BALDEWEG KAZUYO SEJIMA, RYUE NISHIZAWA DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ALESSANDRO MENDINI

1hr 40mins long