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Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese's great seething vision of 70s New Yorkmesmerises anew in a blazing 35th-anniversary 35mm restoration. The synthesis of talents was extraordinary: Paul Schrader's script surveys Manhattanthrough the eyes of an insomniac, sleaze-obsessed Vietnamvet and delineates his crackup with wily expertise. Bernard Herrmann's score wails to wake the city's dead. Scorsese pours a century of cinema into his vision of urban inferno – and Robert De Niro's Travis Bickle forever cruises the avenues of our imaginations, a psychopath as tender, lonely and deranged as Psycho's Norman Bates, but so much more real.

2hrs 3mins long

Steven Prince
Robert De Niro
Peter Boyle
Martin Scorsese
Leonard Harris
Jodie Foster
Harvey Keitel
Cybill Shepherd
Albert Brooks