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Tara - Journey To The Heart Of The Climate Machine Poster

Tara - Journey To The Heart Of The Climate Machine

An extraordinary tale of a scientific mission to gather data crucial for understanding climate change, Tara is the story of how a large multinational scientific organisation led by New Zealander Grant Redvers deliberately strands the 'Tara' (formerly Sir Peter Blake's 'Seamaster') so it will drift with the Arctic pack ice throughout the Arctic winter. During the expedition, daily life for the crew focuses around two things: the scientific equipment and its accumulating data, and sheer physical and psychological survival. Unexpected fragmentation of the ice, giant pressure ridges, polar bears, blizzards and the unrelenting extreme cold threaten the mission and sometimes the lives of the crew. Rescue is impossible in the polar night; self-reliance is survival. New scientific discoveries combine with drama to deliver and educational and gripping film.

1hr 31mins long

Michael Pitiot