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Sweet Land

When Lars Torvik's grandmother Inge dies in 2004, he is faced with a decision - sell the family farm on which she lived since 1920, or cling to the legacy of the land. Seeking advice, he turns to the memory of Inge and the stories that she had passed on to him. Inge arrives in Minnesota in 1920 to marry a young Norwegian farmer named Olaf but her German heritage and lack of official immigration papers makes her an object of suspicion in the small town, and she and Olaf are forbidden to marry. Alone and adrift, Inge goes to live with the family of Olaf's friend and neighbor Frandsen and his wife Brownie, where she learns the English language, American ways, and a hard-won independence.

1hr 50mins long

Tim Guinee
Ned Beatty
Lois Smith
John Heard
Elizabeth Reaser
Ali Selim
Alex Kingson
Alan Cumming