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Swan Lake Ballet

Prince Siegfried sees a flock of swans and journeys into the forest to hunt them. Siegfried is about to shoot one, when suddenly she transforms into a beautiful young woman - Odette, queen of the swan-maidens. The maidens are under a spell cast by the evil magician Rothbart; only eternal love can break the spell. Siegfried vows his love and fidelity to Odette. The next day, at a grand ball given for Siegfried, Rothbart arrives with his daughter Odile, who he has transformed into a black-clad likeness of Odette. Siegfried is tricked by Odile's dark beauty and chooses her as his bride. Siegfried realises he has been deceived and rushes to find Odette. Rothbart and the Prince grapple; Rothbart collapses and dies, and the spell is broken.

2hrs 9mins long