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Summer In Berlin Poster

Summer In Berlin

Follows the friendship of two women in their thirties over the course of a sweltering Berlin summer. From their perspective, the world is turbulent and troublesome – the good guys usually turn out to be bad; decent jobs are hard to come by; and you have to be tough to succeed. The sensitive portrayal of the two female characters is coupled with moments of enchanting comedy. A moving film full of warmth, sincerity and delightful humour.

1hr 47mins long

Vincent Redetzki
Veit Schubert
Traute Hoss
Stephanie Schonfeld
Olaf Burmeister
Nadja Uhl
Maximilian Moritz
Lil Oggesen
Kurt Radeke
Inka Friedrich
Herbert Olschok
Hannes Stelzer
Fritz Roth