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Sue Nicholson - Answers From The Other Side

Many of you have seen Sue Nicholson`s amazing psychic abilities on TV2`s SENSING MURDER, TV2``s 20/20 ``Something About Sue`` and TV`s Good Morning Show. Now Sue is appearing live in her new show ``Answers From The Other Side.`` Sue is a gifted psychic medium who has been connecting with the spirit world since she was a child. Sue is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant (she hears, feels and sees spirits). Sue often takes on the persona of the spirit she is channelling and lets Spirit write using her hands. Sue also uses her hands to connect with the energy of a person or place. Spend an exciting and uplifting evening full of laughter and intrigue as Sue helps you to understand the spirit world.

1hr 40mins long

Sue Nicholson