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Set with an excruciating eye for period tack in 80s Swansea, this Brit hit marks the auspicious directorial debut of TV comedian (The IT Crowd) and Arctic Monkeys clip whiz Richard Ayoade. Based on Welsh poet Joe Dunthorne's novel, it introduces the po-faced Craig Roberts as its narrator/protagonist Oliver, a duffle-coated, world-straddling teenage genius tragically unrecognised in provincial Wales, and Yasmin Page as the pyromaniac bad girl of his dreams. Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor are the frazzled parents about whom Oliver worries a lot, with Paddy Considine as the New Age guru who threatens to come between them.

1hr 37mins long
M Contains offensive language and sexual themes

Yasmin Paige
Steffan Rhodri
Sally Hawkins
Paddy Considine
Noah Taylor
Craig Roberts