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Stravinsky & The Ballet Russes Poster

Stravinsky & The Ballet Russes

The Firebird Prince - Ivan wanders through the garden of Kashchei the immortal, where he meets the dazzling Firebird. Ivan chases and eventually captures her. She promises to help Ivan in exchange for her freedom. That evening Ivan falls in love with a maiden who is Kaschei's prisoner. The next morning, when she is forced to return, Ivan follows. When Ivan is captured, the Firebird intervenes and helps Ivan kill Kaschei. Finally, all celebrate their freedom. The Wedding - The ballet goes through the entire story of a Russian peasant wedding. In the first scene, the bride prepares for her coming marriage. We then see the bridegroom asking his family to give the marriage their blessing. The third scene depicts the bride's departure from her family, and finally the ballet culminates in the actual wedding feast. The Rite Of Spring - The Rite of Spring is a series of episodes depicting a wild pagan spring ritual. The elders are offering a young girl as a sacrifice to the God of Spring, in order to gain his benevolence. First they celebrate the adoration of the earth, and then the sacrifice is made.

1hr 50mins long