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Stars In Her Eyes

Stars in Her Eyes, a romantic comedy set in Auckland's Indian community, tells the story of Anousha, pushing thirty and longing for love. One day, Anousha spots Raj, an attractive Indian bank teller and decides to make him hers. Using the only tool at her disposal, the online Star column, which she writes, and some bad advice from her gay best friend and commitment phobe Jay, Anousha engineers a date with Raj. This feel good movie with its tongue in cheek homage to Bollywood takes you on a romp as Anousha tries to get it on with Raj whilst friend Jay finds himself falling head over heels in love with an unlikely partner.

1hr 18mins long
M Sexual references.

Vinay Chinni
Tarun Mohanbhai
Negin Allaverdi Gorji
Mohit Sharma
Mohinder Anand
Leila Alexander
Jyotsana Wallabh
Janson Ryan
Eli Matthewson
Colin Mathura-Jeffree
Athina Tsoulis