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Spanish Affair 2 Poster

Spanish Affair 2

COMEDY - Spanish & Catalan with English Subtitles If one affair wasn’t enough, the charming cast returns to open the festival once again – this time with some new friends, as the Catalans are thrown into the mix. Returning from months at sea, Koldo is met by his beloved Merche, who is less than impressed with him after his long absence. With her head held high, she storms away in a huff leaving him with an envelope announcing a seemingly joyful occasion – Amaia is getting married! But the fiercely Basque Koldo is horrified to realise Rafa is not the groom… even worse, she is marrying a CATALAN! With less than a few days to go before the wedding, Koldo and Rafa must join forces to prevent Amaia from promising herself to Pau, the wealthy hipster. What is not clear to Koldo, is why Rafa and Amaia separated in the first place… With new elements of playfulness, 2015’s number one Spanish box office hit will leave festival audiences with a fresh grin as they enjoy more escapades of their beloved characters.

1hr 39mins long

Karra Elejalde
Dani Rovira
Clara Lago