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So Right - So Smart

"I was a plunderer of Earth; stealing my grandchildren's future. And that is not the legacy one wants to leave behind." One of the slickest, most professional films submitted to this year's festival, So Right So Smart tells the story of how, in an epiphanal moment, Ray Anderson, founder of the hugely successful Interface Corporation, realised the implications of his company's way of operating. Describing it as "like a spear in the chest," Anderson accepted the ethical imperative to ensure Interface no longer imperilled but in fact contributed to a sustainable future. The decision, he believed, was "So right." As his vision turned into action, he realised sustainability was also "So smart"-it helped, not hindered, his business goals. So Right So Smart also shows how ecologically sound business practices foster better business in general, using examples such as clothing company Patagonia, the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, rock stars the Bare Naked Ladies and others. Insights from luminaries like Paul Hawken, David Suzuki, Lester Brown, and many others entertain and inform, and the narration by Daryl Hannah links the various aspects of the film to help create a truly inspirational film that should be required viewing for all our politicians and captains of industry. Highly recommended.

1hr 39mins long

Leanne Robinson-Maine
Justin Maine
Guy Noerr & Michael Swantek