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Small Pleasures

Crossword Romance, 13mins, Ireland Director Vincent Gallagher Heather is on the verge of turning 40. She's single, stuck in a dead-end job and has few pleasures except for her daily crossword. (NZ Premiere) God's Fools Drama, 15mins, Aus Director Anton Blajer Jim sees the world differently from most people. On the platform of a busy station he observes trains every day, hoping to instill some order into his world. (NZ Premiere) Long Weekend Drama, 13mins, NZ Director Charlie Bleakley A troubled man spends two days alone at a bach on the rustic Kapiti coast. The landscape helps him heal. (World Premiere) Spiritus Art, 4mins, USA Director Brian Herman This story unfolds, literally, as a bag is animated by the freezing predawn wind of the first snowfall on a street in New York City. (World Premiere) Pacific Dreams Drama, 13mins, NZ Director David Strong Grace (Dame Kate Harcourt) upsets the rules when she is confined to the grey limbo of a rest home. (NZ Premiere) The Great Barrier Romance, 10mins, NZ Director Jack Woon In a chance encounter, a young man struggles to close the distance between him and the love of his high school life. (World Premiere) Franswa Sharl Drama, 15mins, Aus Director Hannah Hilliard Keeping the position of number one son requires a certain amount of ingenuity. Twelve year old Greg has inherited his father's competitive streak. (NZ Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Total run time approx 82mins Please see cinemas for ratings of each session

1hr 22mins long