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Sleeping Sickness

"Sleeping Sickness is a marvel, springing off Conrad's Heart of Darkness with its perceptive slowburn of a story about a German doctor (the splendid Pierre Bokma) stuck in Cameroon for reasons he can't wholly explain. It's structurally bold, making an unannounced forward leap of three years in the middle, and switching focus to the Marlow role of a young, black Parisian colleague (Jean-Christophe Folly, funny and bewildered), who's posted to check on him… I think it's the best thing here [in Berlin], both for confidently diagnosing the rotten state of international development in Africa, and giving us rich characters who retain a bit of mystery."

1hr 31mins long
M offensive language, sexual references

Sava Lolov
Pierre Bokma
Maria Elise Miller
Jenny Schily
Jean-Christophe Folly
Isacar Yinkou
Hippolyte Girardot
Francis Noukiatchom
Ali Mvondo Roland