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Show Me Shorts 2015: Trailblazers Poster

Show Me Shorts 2015: Trailblazers

Trailblazers We New Zealanders have a strong oratory tradition and have always been inspired by tales of adventure and free spirits who defy convention. In this delightful collection of short films, you will meet some truly unique characters, both real and imagined. Estimated total run time: 80 minutes. Censorship ratings to be advised. Great North – Up In Smoke Music Video, 4 mins, NZ Dir: Damian Golfinopoulos. Prod: Anna Duckworth. This imaginative, cinematic music video reveals an underwear-clad man searching through piles of junk at a dump. Alex the Magnificent Documentary, 14 mins, USA NZ Premiere Dir/Prod: Robert Monk Davis. Alex Martin did something we have all wondered about: he gave up his worldly possessions to hitchhike across the country. A documentary about living your dreams and the kindness of strangers. The Lawnmower Bandit Documentary, 11 mins, NZ/Australia Dir/Prod: Jackie van Beek. Prod: Aaron Watson, Francesca Fogarty. Paul used to steal lawnmowers for a living, but when his father died he promised himself a better life. Roberta SF15-942 Drama, 9 mins, Canada NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: Caroline Monnet. Prod: Catherine Chagnon. Eccentric housewife and grandmother Roberta struggles to fit the conformist society she lives in, and turns to amphetamines to cure her boredom. Big Time – My Doodled Diary Coming of Age, 13 mins, India NZ Premiere Dir/Prod/Writ: Sonali Gulati. As Maya writes in her diary about everything that rocks her world, a delightful and intimate exploration of what it means to be a teenager appears – and all too often, it ``sucks big time``. Pink Boy Documentary, 15 mins, USA NZ Premiere Dir/Prod: Eric Rockey. Butch lesbian BJ successfully avoided dresses her entire life – until she adopted Jeffrey. To her shock, her son wants to dress in pink and dance in public. Tits on a Bull Drama, 16 mins, NZ Dir/Writ: Tim Worrall. Prod: Piripi Curtis, Lara Northcroft. Star player Phoenix struggles to choose between her longtime friendship with ageing rugby coach Rusty, and the new relationship blossoming with her team captain Melanie.

1hr 20mins long

Various Directors
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