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Show Me Shorts 2015: My Generation Poster

Show Me Shorts 2015: My Generation

My Generation These short films offer entertainment for the whole family, young and old alike. Featuring a stilt walker, a ravenous granny, an eco-warrior, lost pet dogs and an A-Z of dangerous activities for possums. Estimated total run time: 68 minutes. Most appropriate for children 8+ years. This session is also available for school-group bookings. Censorship ratings to be advised. Solstate – Atheum`s Way Music Video, 5 mins, NZ Dir/Writ/Prod: Aleks Sakowski. This handsomely animated music video tells the story of a father battling an epic storm in order to reunite with his daughter. Accidents, Blunders and Calamities Animation, 5 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: James Cunningham. Prod: Oliver Hilbert. A father possum reads his kids a bedtime story that`s an alphabet of the most dangerous animal of all – HUMANS! Bunny New Girl Drama, 6 mins, Australia NZ Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Natalie van den Dungen. Prod: Peter Fenton. Nervous on her first day at a new primary school, a self-conscious girl learns that friendship can overcome difference. Erik and the Mystery Pack Adventure, 7 mins, Canada World Premiere Dir/Writ: Erik Papatie. Prod: Wapikoni Mobile. A whimsical Canadian adventure following Erik, who finds some missing dogs and is charged with returning them to the owners. Turtlebank Hustler Drama, 9 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir: Steve McGillen. Writ/Prod: Lyse Beck. Abby is a precocious eight-year-old who hustles people for money outside a supermarket for the unofficial Save the Turtles organisation. Claire and the Keys Animation, 20 mins, USA NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: John Ludwick. The animated story of Claire, whose greatest desire is to learn to play music – but this is against her mother`s wishes. My Stuffed Granny Animation, 10 mins, United Kingdom NZ Premiere Dir: Effie Pappa. Writ: Effie Pappa, Miranda Ballesteros, Melissa Iqbal. Prod: Miranda Ballesteros. Based on a story by Nina Couletakis. Times are hard for little Sofia, as the Greek recession takes its toll. With her father out of work, they rely solely on Greedy Grumpy Granny`s pension. The Story of Percival Pilts Animation, 8 mins, Australia Dir/Writ: Janette Goodey, John Lewis. Prod: John Lewis. Young Percival likes his stilts so much he vows he will never again let his feet touch the ground. Mark Hadlow narrates this whimsical tale of the challenges and charms in choosing to live an impractical life.

1hr 10mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors