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Show Me Shorts 2015: Highlights Poster

Show Me Shorts 2015: Highlights

Highlights Gather your loved ones for a fun night out. Some of our most crowd-pleasing short films have been collected here for special screenings in some of our smaller locations. Guaranteed to be highly entertaining, and great fun! Estimated total run time: 79 minutes. Censorship ratings to be advised. The Eversons – Emily Music Video, 3 mins, NZ Dir: THUNDERLIPS. Prod: Anna Duckworth, Rose Archer. A glam-rock musical-comedy set in an infamous dumpling restaurant on Auckland`s Dominion Road. Starring the band The Eversons, two dancing dumplings and JJ Fong as Emily. Accidents, Blunders and Calamities Animation, 5 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: James Cunningham. Prod: Oliver Hilbert. A father possum reads his kids a bedtime story that`s an alphabet of the most dangerous animal of all – HUMANS! A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry Comedy, 3 mins, USA/NZ NZ Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Jake Mahaffy. A historical epic depicting the little-known catastrophe that led to the demise of chivalry. ?? (One-minded) Drama, 20 mins, South Korea/France/USA NZ Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Sébastien Simon, Forest Ian Etsler. Shenanigans occur in an apartment shared by two Korean women, when one of them brings home a man she picked up in a club and two thieves invade the place. Meanwhile, a fan oscillates and observes. The Story of Percival Pilts Animation, 8 mins, Australia Dir/Writ: Janette Goodey, John Lewis. Prod: John Lewis. Young Percival likes his stilts so much he vows he will never again let his feet touch the ground. Mark Hadlow narrates this whimsical tale of the challenges and charms in choosing to live an impractical life. Whistle Blower Drama, 12 mins, NZ Dir: Nicole van Heerden. Writ: Catie Mulrennan. Prod: Arielle Sullivan. A troubled teenage netball umpire finds solace through diligent study of the game. Stutterer Romance, 13 mins, Ireland NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: Benjamin Cleary. Prod: Serena Armitage, Shan Ogilvie. A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment – but an eloquent inner voice – must face his ultimate fear. Last Door South Animation, 15 mins, Belgium Dir/Writ: Sacha Feiner. Prod: Alon Knoll. An exquisite animation about conjoined twin brothers. Locked in an expansive mansion since birth, they explore `the world` of floors, stairs, corridors and rooms. Between endless exploration and private schooling, the brothers never question the limits of their world. Until one day...

1hr 19mins long
M Violence and offensive language.

Various Directors
Various Actors