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Show Me Shorts 2015: Chivalry Isn`t Dead Poster

Show Me Shorts 2015: Chivalry Isn`t Dead

Chivalry Isn’t Dead This troupe of unlikely knights in shining armour are gentlemen, even in trying circumstances. When called upon they will rescue a maiden, offer a strong shoulder or even invent a secret life for your cat. In a world of casual affairs, Tinder and instant gratification, these men are a rare but welcome breed. Estimated total run time: 72 minutes. Censorship ratings to be advised. Tyra Hammond – So Good At Being In Trouble Music Video, 4 mins, NZ Dir: Benj Brooking. Prod: Anna Duckworth. A woman falls helplessly in love with a gallant tow-truck driver on a stunning country road. She will go to extreme measures to see him again. Shabu-Shabu Spirit Comedy, 11 mins, Japan Dir/Writ: Yuki Saito. Writ: Joji Okamoto. Prod: Chikara Ito, Yuka Koide. When Keita goes to meet the parents of his fiancé, he is served a traditional shabu-shabu meal to gauge if he is worthy. Every Moment Romance, 7 mins, NZ Dir/Writ/Prod: Gabriel Reid. Writ/Prod: Maile Daugherty. A heartbroken hotel maid is distracted from her sad break-up by a charming bellboy who weaves a tale of her bright future. Yes, life is full of ups and downs, but every moment counts. The Orchestra Animation, 15 mins, Australia NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: Mikey Hill. Prod: Melanie Brunt. In a world filled with beautiful and harmonious music, elderly Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note. Digits Comedy, 8 mins, USA NZ Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Alexander Engel. After losing the last two digits of a girl`s number, a socially awkward fish enthusiast tries every combination to seek her out. Madam Black Comedy, 11 mins, NZ Dir/Prod: Ivan Barge. Writ/Prod: Matthew Harris. When a photographer runs over a child`s beloved cat, he is forced to fabricate an increasingly elaborate story to explain its disappearance. A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry Comedy, 3 mins, USA/NZ NZ Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Jake Mahaffy. A historical epic depicting the little-known catastrophe that led to the demise of chivalry. Stutterer Romance, 13 mins, Ireland NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: Benjamin Cleary. Prod: Serena Armitage, Shan Ogilvie. A lonely typographer with a cruel speech impediment – but an eloquent inner voice – must face his ultimate fear.

1hr 12mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors