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Show Me Shorts 2015: Aroha Aotearoa Poster

Show Me Shorts 2015: Aroha Aotearoa

Aroha Aotearoa For those who love New Zealand cinema. This collection of local stories illustrates love and hope in many different guises. You’ll recognise some of these characters, and meet some new faces young and old. A touch of the ‘cinema of unease’ remains here, but aroha and whanau are very much alive in the land of the long white cloud. Estimated total run time: 77 minutes. Censorship ratings to be advised. The Eversons – Emily Music Video, 3 mins, NZ Dir: THUNDERLIPS. Prod: Anna Duckworth, Rose Archer. A glam-rock musical-comedy set in an infamous dumpling restaurant on Auckland`s Dominion Road. Starring the band The Eversons, two dancing dumplings and JJ Fong as Emily. The Grind Documentary, 8 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir/Writ/Prod: Kyan Krumdieck. Writ/Prod: Annabelle Dick. Welcome to the covert world of Grindr. New Zealand gay men reveal stories about their encounters of all kinds, set up through dating app Grindr, in this frank documentary. Tihei Documentary, 3 mins, NZ Dir: Hamish Bennett. Prod: Orlando Stewart. Meet Tihei – a lyricist and a poet, improvising rap songs as the beat drops. Return Comedy, 15 mins, NZ Dir/Writ/Prod: Ryan Heron. Writ: Guy Montgomery. Prod: Matiu Sadd. Returning home to visit his parents for the weekend, a young man runs into complications juggling his friends, parents, magic mushrooms and several thousand chickens. Cub Drama, 15 mins, NZ NZ Premiere Dir/Writ: Jamie Lawrence. Prod: Kelly Kilgour. A mother tries to end her teenage son`s relationship with an older woman, but risks losing him altogether. U F O Science Fiction, 17 mins, NZ Dir/Writ: Gregory David King. Prod: Mhairead Connor. Nine-year-old Brains needs to get back to his real family up in space before he is exterminated by the human family he lives with on planet Earth. Dirty Laundry Drama, 4 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir/Writ: Olivia Walker. Prod: Unitec. Glimpse the world as seen through the eyes of a disaffected teenager, during a wash cycle at her local laundromat. Whistle Blower Drama, 12 mins, NZ World Premiere Dir: Nicole van Heerden. Writ: Catie Mulrennan. Prod: Arielle Sullivan. A troubled teenage netball umpire finds solace through diligent study of the game.

1hr 17mins long

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