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Show Me Shorts 2014: Time Travellers

Time Travellers We’re all time travellers of a sort. Crossing bridges from one decade into another. Stepping between different realities that exist side-by-side in the same towns and cities. The people in these stories are really doing it though. Pushing the boundaries to explore new worlds, and bend the laws of physics. Estimated total run time: 87 minutes [Note censorship ratings to be advised. Please contact your cinema for details.] Glare by Sheep Dog & Wolf Music Video, 4 mins, NZ Dir/Writ: Jordan Dodson Dir: Sean Wallace Prod: Alix Whittaker Glare is a soulful hate ballad about the sun. Featuring Sheep, Dog, & Wolf’s Daniel McBride running through the south Australian outback desperately trying to escape the day-star. Crash Course Science Fiction, 4 mins, NZ Dir/Writ/Prod: Simon Heath Writ: Luke Watkinson Prod: Quentin Whitwell A jaded driving instructor of the future has his life put in danger by an errant pupil and an unexpected passenger. Jiminy Science Fiction, 20 mins, France Dir/Writ: Arthur Mollard Prod: Jeremy Rossi, Stéphane Pierrat Nathanael is a ‘cricket’ repair man, in a future world where most people get one implanted in their brain. It allows them to switch to ‘automatic mode’ when doing boring or complicated tasks. Logistics Action, 4 mins, AUS Dir/Writ: Chris Tomkins Prod: Fleur Murphy, Marissa Brown In a small country town in outback Australia, a cast of outlaws attempt to deliver a suitcase full of money. But out here, nothing is ever as it seems… The Light Harvester Science Fiction, 18 mins, NZ Dir/Prod: Jason Howden Writ: Anne Rene Brashier, Debra Kelleher, Sarah Howden Prod: Gavin McGibbon, Tamsyn Harker In a post-apocalyptic world shrouded in darkness, light is rare and valuable. To save his wife, Troy (Craig Hall) commits the ultimate sin of stealing light and the tools to harvest it so they can trade for supplies. One-Minute Time Machine Romantic Comedy, 6 mins, USA Dir: Devon Avery Writ: Sean Crouch Prod: Brian Dietzen, Carlos Foglia James is all too eager to put his one-minute time machine to use in winning the heart of Regina, until he discovers the unexpected consequences of his actions. Mis-drop Science Fiction, 13 mins, NZ Dir/Writ/Prod: Ferand Peek 300 years in the future, a forensic accountant reviews the video stream from one mercenary’s drop-pod which has been damaged during the initial stages of a colonial invasion. The Grey Matter Horror, 18 mins, USA Dir/Writ: Peter McCoubrey Dir: Luke McCoubrey Prod: Ashlea Hartz A man wakes up in an alleyway drenched in blood and can’t recall how he got there but seems to be fine. Back at work he attracts the romantic attention of his highly coveted coworker.

1hr 27mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors