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Show Me Shorts 2012: Unrestricted Access Poster

Show Me Shorts 2012: Unrestricted Access

The idea for Show Me Shorts came about in response to a lack of opportunities for us to watch short films. In that spirit, we bring you for the first time a session of films that can be watched by anyone. Young or old, tall or small, students, adults, kids, dreamers - there is a variety to cater for all tastes. They are all unrestricted, which means there is nothing too scary, horrifying or objectionable in any of the films here. It's good clean fun for all! Cat Cam World Premiere Documentary, 15 mins, USA An engineer's cat routinely disappeared from his North Carolina home for days on end, so his owner created a camera to fit around the feline's neck. The resulting photographs revealed the mysterious life of his cat and became an Internet sensation. Dir. Seal Keal Prod. Charles Miller & Seth Keal Pinion New Zealand Premiere Drama, 12 mins, Aus Suffering from a mysterious affliction, a young boy is taken to a secluded hospital by his fearful parents. However, Lloyd soon learns that more harm is being done than good. Dir./Prod./Writer. Asuka Sylvie The Dump Drama, 10 mins, NZ Eleven-year-old Utah discovers there's more to his dad than just rubbish. Dir./Writer. Hamish Bennett Prod. Orlando Stewart Snow in Paradise Drama, 10 mins, NZ A young girl and her family living in a beautiful Pacific atoll find themselves confronting the fallout from the French nuclear testing programme. Co-Dirs. Justine Simei-Barton & Nikki Si'ulepa Writer Nikki Si'ulepa Prod. Paul Simei-Barton Blue World Premiere Coming of Age, 14 mins, Aus When a young girl, raised by her oppressive and fear-mongering mother, discovers a fantastical blue man living next door, she begins communicating with him and uncovers the truth about herself and the world in which she lives. Dir./Prod./Writer. Keir Wilkins Little Red Riding Hood World Premiere Adventure, 4 mins, NZ This energetic and colourful version of the popular fairytale stars over forty students with special needs from Sunshine Special Development School in Melbourne, Australia. Dir. Jackie van Beek Prod. Aaron Watson & Jackie van Beek The Last Marble New Zealand Premiere Drama, 8 mins, India The heartwarming tale of an industrious 9-year-old street kid who won't give in to bullies. Dir./Writer. Manjari Makijany Prod. Emmanuel Pappas

1hr 13mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors