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Show Me Shorts 2012: Nerds Revenge Poster

Show Me Shorts 2012: Nerds Revenge

If you were mean to the nerds at school, you had better watch out. Those nerds are all grown up now and taking over the world with technology and ideas you never even thought of… This is a collection of short films celebrating the power of nerds. Roy World Premiere Comedy, 13 mins, NZ Frank was a loner, until he met a new friend, Roy. The only problem is... Roy is a zombie. Dir./Prod. Tim Tsiklauri Writer Tim Tsiklauri & Luke Watkinson Valmay the Visitor from Beep Beep Beep New Zealand Premiere Animation, 15 mins, Aus Alien beauty queen Valmay crashes to Earth in the middle of Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras parade, providing a moment of cover, but are humans ready to accept a blobby purple alien in their midst? Dir./Writer Susan Earl Prod. Shannon Owen 50% OFF MAIL ORDER BRIDE World Premiere Science Fiction, 14 mins, NZ Edward falls in love with Sarah despite his already being married… to a mail order robot called Jen. Dir./Prod./Writer Alan D. Parr The F.E.U.C. World Premiere Romantic Comedy, 7 mins, NZ Love can simply overcome anything: liars, fashionistas and really, really quite terribly shitty eye sight. Dir./Writer. Aidee Walker Prod. Morgan Leigh Stewart Parallel New Zealand Premiere Drama, 19 mins, Switzerland Searching through parallel worlds for the love he once had, Tim discovers that no matter how much he tries to control his life, everything happens for a reason, even in the most extreme circumstances. Dir./Writer Andrew R. Jones Prod. Maya Zibung Jones Tilting at Skyscrapers New Zealand Premiere Comedy, 8 mins, USA When a video gamer is overcome by his obsession, his neighbour must shepherd him home. Dir. Benjamin Pitts Prod./Writer Frank Stasio

1hr 16mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors