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Show Me Shorts 2012: Explorers Poster

Show Me Shorts 2012: Explorers

Daniel Boone, Ernest Shackleton, Matthew Flinders, Amerigo Vespucci, Abel Tasman, Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Captain James Cook, Hernando de Soto, Kupe, Sir Edmund Hillary... Some of our most interesting stories handed down through generations are about brave explorers of new worlds. This collection of short films celebrates the noble tradition of setting forth on a voyage of discovery, be it into outer space or your own backyard. From Dumpster to Dinner Plate Documentary, 11 mins, NZ As the cost of food reaches record highs, an underground movement of dumpster divers is rapidly gaining momentum in New Zealand. Dir./Prod. Vanessa Hudson Hitch Hike Coming of Age, 12 mins, NZ Determined to meet his birth mother, 18-year-old Aaron is forced to hitch a ride with a rough looking stranger. Dir./Writer Matthew Saville Prod. Julia Parnell The Velociteers World Premiere Documentary, 14 mins, NZ Follow Auckland based synchronised bicycle troupe, The Velociteers, through a season of performances as they tell the story of their formation. Dir./Prod. Nina Wells, Ruth Barton & Aasta L. Otnes 43,000 Feet Drama, 9 mins, NZ When statistician John Wilkins is sucked out of a plane at 43,000 feet, he calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground. Dir. Campbell Hooper Prod. Amber Easby & Heather Lee Writer Matthew Harris Undying Love New Zealand Premiere Horror, 11 mins, Iceland In a post-zombieapocalypse world, a lone man goes about his daily routine... until he meets a beautiful stranger in trouble. Dir./Writer Omar Orn Hauksson Prod. Kristin Andrea Thordardottir Crosshairs Thriller, 11 mins, Aus Two brothers from a rural West Australian town are caught poaching a lamb from a neighbouring property. Dir. Mike Hoath Prod. Dan Wood Writer Peter Templeman Abi ogenesis CGI Animation / Sci Fi, 4 mins, NZ A strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, which has profound implications for an entire galaxy. Dir./Prod./Writer Richard Mans

1hr 12mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors