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Show Me Shorts 2012: Comedy Corner Poster

Show Me Shorts 2012: Comedy Corner

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the Show Me Shorts Film Festival, of course. We all need more laughter in our lives and this collection of entertaining short films will help you escape from daily life with a good chuckle. Cockatoo New Zealand Premiere Comedy, 11 mins, Aus On the six month anniversary of his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Michael orders a girl from an agency and tries to recreate his failed relationship. Dir./Prod./Writer Matthew Jenkin Mutt New Zealand Premiere Comedy, 6 mins, Ireland While house-sitting for her Aunt, a young woman finds that one of the household's beloved dogs has died. Now she must take care of the body, according to the wishes of her Aunt... Dir. Shaun O' Connor Prod. Amanda Ferriter & Sharon Cronin Writer Tadhg Hickey Dave's Dead Comedy, 15 mins, Aus Dave's dead and his best mate Tom wants to give him a proper send off. Only Tom isn't sure Dave was such a good mate after all... Dir. Alethea Jones Prod. Julian Vincent Costanzo Writer Luke Ryan Remake Comedy, 6 mins, Aus A smash and grabb robbery takes an unexpected twist when two thieves find themselves confronted with a haul they can't possibly carry. Dir./Writer Chris Tomkins Prod. Marisa Brown Gentl eDog New Zealand Premiere Comedy, 10 mins, Israel A big talking dog stands between a man and his opportunity to spend the night with his date. A battle of wits ensues. Dir./Prod./Writer David Shadi Cedric & Hope New Zealand Premiere Stop-motion, 14 mins, Aus A stop-motion comedy set in a medieval world where Cedric has just been dumped by his princess girlfriend Faith, for a battlehardened knight. Dir./Writer Pierce Davison Prod. Jacob Fjord Ten Thousa nd Days World Premiere Comedy, 17 mins, NZ Darby Duncan meets Arabella at the funeral of his cousin and reveals that due to a family curse, he will be the next to die. But when Darby falls in love with Arabella, things don't quite go as planned. Dir./Writer Michael Duignan Prod. Nik Beachman

1hr 20mins long