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Sexual Tension: Volatile Poster

Sexual Tension: Volatile

Dir: Marco Berger & Marcello Monaco, Argentina, 2012, 101mins, Spanish with English subtitles Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall when ‘straight’ guys find themselves in intimate close encounters with other guys? Well, our talented Argentine friends are here to help. Watch six fun and sexy “will he, won’t he” scenes play out for your voyeuristic pleasure, including two straight friends playing at making love to a girl, a collision between a handsome guy and the caretaker fixing his broken shower, and two muscle-bound mates competing at ‘sexting’ their girlfriends. Sexual Tension: Volatile is ‘edgy’ fun and guaranteed to get your pulse racing!

1hr 41mins long
R16 Contains offensive language and sexual themes

Mario Verón
Lucas Lagré
Javier De Pietro