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Separation City

Simon and Pam previously a golden couple find themselves in smug and comfortable suburbia with two small children a sex life on hold and a marriage in limbo. At a yoga class for young mothers Pam meets the utterly gorgeous cellist, Katrien, who is quickly embraced by a bunch of young couples who call themselves the family group. Katrien followed her love-rat husband Klaus to New Zealand in the hope that their love would flourish. Instead, she catches him in bed with a young art student and her marriage falls apart. Katrien's sudden availability and vulnerability knocks the disillusioned Simon completely sideways. Hurt, confused and lonely, Katrien is susceptible to Simon's infatuation and sexual tension ignites. Their mutual attraction must be secret from the family group as it escalates and proves impossible to resist. They mumble and fumble a number of opportunities until a meticulously planned clandestine rendezvous in Berlin turns into a wild and crazy farce that threatens to rip their lives apart.

1hr 46mins long
M Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Thomas Kretschmann
Rhona Mitra
Paul Middleditch
Les Hill
Joel Edgerton
Danielle Cormack