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Screaming Men

A film about the art of screaming. Meet the screaming choir that travels from Finland to Tokyo with the goal of getting good photographs of their Japanese audience while performing Japanese national anthem. Meet the choir that screams La Marseillaise at the museum of modern art in Paris even though the museum and the embassy of Finland try to prevent them. The Finnish Screaming Male Choir, Mieskuoro Huutajat, dressed in black suits, white shirts, and rubber ties is a unique choir which performs its repertoire by shouting and screaming. Led by the conductor Petri Sirvio, the choir has traveled during 15 years of existence from an idea in a bar table all the way to the front line of modern European performing arts, receiving the same strong reaction everywhere: the audience has been mostly exalted, and sometimes also shocked and bewildered. The film follows the choir both in Finland and on international concert trips (France, Japan, and Iceland) during a time span of five years. Similarly to the choir, the documentary walks the thin line between the dead serious and the absurd.

1hr 20mins long

Ville Makikokko
Petri Sirvio
Mikko Juntunen
Mika Ronkainen
Mieskuoro Huutajat
Marko Pyhahuhta
Markku Alatalo
Kari Miettunen
Jussi Pernu
Jari Maki
Janne Tiennari
Janne Nyyssonen
Esko Hiltun