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Schultze Gets The Blues Poster

Schultze Gets The Blues

Schultze has spent his whole life in a small town in Saxony-Anhalt near the river Saale. His life, split until now between work, the pub, the allotment, folk music and fishing, is rudely interrupted when he and his friends Manfred and Jurgen lose their jobs. Listening to the radio one day, Schultze discovers zydeco music and a different way of life… After practising on his traditional German accordion, the amateur musician performs the fiery music of the Southern States at the anniversary celebrations of his local music club, thereby shocking its tradition-bound members. Faced with the choice of conforming with local customs or being ostracized as an eccentric, Schultze takes a momentous decision and sets off on a journey to the swamps and bayous of Louisiana and back again...

1hr 54mins long
PG coarse language

Wolfgang Boos
Werner Boche
Ursula Schucht
Siegfried Zimmermann
Michael Schorr
Maik Gustavel
Karl-Fred Muller
Horst Krause
Harald Warmbrunn
Hans Hohmann
Hannelore Schubert
Erwin Meinicke