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School For Seduction

The humdrum lives of four women are transformed by the arrival of Italian femme fatale, Sophia Rosselini (Kelly Brook) and her School for Seduction. For Clare (Dervla Kirwan), Irene (Margi Clarke) and sisters Kelly (Emily Woof) and Donna (Jessica Johnson), the School for Seduction is a much needed break from reality, promising how to be sexy, seductive and in control. Initially the course is simply great fun and the women are unleashed on their unsuspecting partners with comic, sometimes uncomfortable but often hilarious results. However, all appears to be shattered with the arrival of Sophia's estranged husband and a shocking revelation.

M contains sexual references

Tim Healy
Neil Stuke
Margi Clarke
Kelly Brook
Emily Woof
Dervla Kirwan
Daymon Britton