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Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams – ‘Sad but True’ AOTNZ tour 30 Jan-28 Feb They make a winning combination – Delaney Davidson and Marlon William, winners of the ‘NZ Country Music Album of the Year 2013’ award as well as a string of previous accolades. Delaney, dubbed by Ray Columbus as ‘the future of NZ country music’, was awarded the Country Music Song of the year award for 2012, and was a finalist in the 2011 APRA Silver Scroll awards. Marlon, founding member of the Unfaithful Ways, Harbour Union and Sad but True bands, was recently described as ‘most valuable player for NZ’ by Radio NZ’s Nick Atkinson. Marlon is also a veteran of 10 years of international travelling with the Catholic Choir. Their tour kick starts the Arts On Tour NZ programme for 2014 – and is an opportunity to hear songs from their latest album, Sad but True Volume III, before these two highly popular performers head off in different overseas directions.

1hr 40mins long

Marlon Williams
Delaney Davidson