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Rush Hour

Filippo Costa (Michele Lastella), a young customs officer of modest social standing has enormous ambition that isolates him from his colleagues and his envionment. Initially aspiring to climb the career ladder, once he has come face to face with corruption he realises that he can set his sights much higher. In his unstoppable social climbing, he is helped by Caterina (Fanny Ardant), a beautiful but aging, cultured and well-connected gallery owner. Before long Fillipo is mingling in high society and rubbing shoulders with the mighty while also trying to juggle his mistress and his true love. In order to avoid being crushed by the harsh rules of this financial world Filippo will be forced to let go of every moral and human restraint, to give up both everything that was at core of his upbringing and the woman he believes he truly loves. But will his reach exceed his grasp? With this worldly thriller, Marra lays bare the corruption that is particularly topical for parts of Italian society, where tax evasion is a national pastime, but more disturbingly it suggests a moral vacuum that pervades Italian society.

1hr 38mins long
M Contains sex scenes.

Vincenzo Marra
Sergio Di Giulio
Sebastiano Busiri Vici
Piero Albertelli
Michele Lastella
Giuseppe Ariobazzone
Giulia Bevilacqua
Fanny Ardant
Emiliano Campaiola
Augusto Zucchi
Antonio Gerardi