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Romantics Anonymous

Chocolate-making brings two sensitive, anxiety-ridden people together in this delicious retro romantic comedy starring Benoit Poelvoorde (Coco avant Chanel) and Isabelle Carre. 'I have no problem with women, chocolatier Jean-Rene assures his therapist. They just terrify me, thats all. He masks his affliction by giving abrupt orders to his chocolate factory staff and hiding in his office. When Angelique, also acutely timid, drums up the courage to apply for a job at the factory, she's under the mistaken impression shell be doing what she does best: making chocolates. Her role is in fact to market the wares and boost declining sales, an excruciating task for a person who faints when praised and has developed peculiar strategies to mask her praiseworthy talents. Watching this perfectly matched, tongue-tied twosome trying to overcome miscommunication through diligent effort – and succeeding through a shared passion for chocolate – is a sweet treat.

1hr 18mins long
M Contains sex scenes

Swann Arlaud
Stephan Wojtowicz
Pierre Niney
Lorella Cravotta
Lise Lametrie
Jean-Pierre Ameris
Isabelle Carre
Claude Aufaure
Benoit Poelvoorde