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Rocket Science

Writer-director Jeffrey Blitz seques effortlessly from nonfiction to fiction with Rocket Science, a disarmingly quirky follow up to his Oscar Nominated documentary Spellbound. Following a stuttering, insecure youth who joins the debate team after falling hard for a brainy female classmate, Rocket Science is as eloquent about love, self realisation and adolescent angst as Spellbound was endearingly tongue tied. Newcomer Reece Thompson plays Hal Hefner, a 15-year-old high-school student with a minor yet socially alienating (and painful) disability: he stutters uncontrollably. Determined to work through the problem, Hal opts for an extreme route - he joins the school debating team, which sends him on a headfirst plunge into breakneck speech competitions, and offers a much-needed boost toward correcting the problem.


Reece Daniel Thompson
Jeffrey Blitz
Anna Kendrick