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Rio 2096 - A Story of Love and Fury Poster

Rio 2096 - A Story of Love and Fury

In 2013, this animated feature won the top award at what is considered the Festival de Cannes for animations in Annecy, France. Fusing computer graphics and hand drawings, Rio 2096 is the epic animated story of Abeguar, an indigenous warrior who traverses 600 years of Brazilian history – past and future. Born in 1566, Abeguar was chosen by the gods to lead his people against the forces of oppression. To arm him in his battle, he is gifted the ability to transform into a bird and reincarnate himself at different points in Brazilian history, from the Portuguese colonisation of the 1500s, through to slavery and dictatorship, culminating in the sci-fi, far-flung future of the year 2096. Travelling with him through time is the love of his life, Janaína, a fierce warrior in her own right.

1hr 38mins long
R13 Violence,offensive language and sex scenes.

Selton Mello
Rodrigo Santoro
Camila Pitanga