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Reel Earth 6: 3rd Sept 6pm Poster

Reel Earth 6: 3rd Sept 6pm

Rethink the Shark Erica Brumage :: South Africa :: 2008 :: 1 min Fear of JAWS is omnipresent but is that fear justified? Expect to see more of this little beauty. Rethink Happiness Choom Lam :: Canada :: 2009 :: 2 mins Do all these wonderful products really make our life better? Rethink your lifestyle; rethink happiness. Lines of Flight Sal Brown & Martin Wood :: UK :: 2009 :: 22 mins The adventure and sheer joy of escape through the physically and mentally demanding world of solo rock climbing and the northern England landscape of wilderness and industrial towns provide the context for this magnificent and thoughtful meditation on environment, place and humanity. As for the climbing – it's for the utterly fearless or foolish! CUD Joe York :: USA :: 2009 :: 16 mins Grass-fed beef, the family farm and a dog called Possum – it could be in NZ, but this is the USA. This frank and refreshing film is guaranteed to dismay vegetarians and horrify vegans, but offers a different perspective on agriculture. Homegrown Revolution Jules Dervaes :: USA :: 2009 :: 16 mins An urban homesteader pioneers a journey toward self sufficiency in Los Angeles, inspired by a stint on the West Coast of NZ. The story of how a vision for sustainability can enrich a person, a family and community. In inspiration for kitchen gardeners and sustainability enthusiasts alike. Dark Clouds Peter Szewczyk :: UK :: 2009 :: 2 mins A beautiful animation of rain that shatters flora and fauna. Prepare for edgy acidity from great heights and be grateful this is not screened in 3D! The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl Mike Roush :: USA :: 2008 :: 5 mins This little animated owl takes on his biggest predator in the real world. Will he successfully avenge his mate? A Simple Question: The History of Straw Kevin White & David Donnenfield :: USA :: 2009 :: 34 mins A child's innocent question spawned an amazing response that restored not only a natural area network but also helped restore and connect a community. Starring a tiny shrimp, a massive watershed, politicians, mothers, farmers and youth, the well paced, hopeful story shows how a trickle of inspiration can develop into a cascade leading to healthier communities and streams.

1hr 38mins long