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Reel Earth 5: 2nd Sept 8pm Poster

Reel Earth 5: 2nd Sept 8pm

The Bill Peter Wedel :: Germany :: 2009 :: 4 mins These German blokes in a pub talk like us, but get the bill presented in a whole different light. Bring your wit and speed reading glasses, and be sure to see this one! The Age of Stupid Fanny Armstrong & Lizzie Gillette :: UK :: 2008 :: 88 mins This cleverly structured and extraordinarily thought-provoking take on modern civilisation's oil-fuelled drag race against planet Earth. In the devastated world of 2055, the curator (Pete Postlethwaite) of an archive of relics from the last days of human civilisation asks while looking at footage from our present, "Why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?" Another chance to see this powerful and essential film.

1hr 32mins long