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Reel Earth 12: 5th Sept 6pm Poster

Reel Earth 12: 5th Sept 6pm

The Break Up Charlec Collins :: NZ :: 2009 :: 4 mins It's time to end our relationship with global warming. Watch this. 1080 Peter Holmes & Steve Ting :: NZ :: 2009 :: 28 mins Silver bullet or slippery slope – the use of 1080 in NZ is a hot debate. Some say the risks don't justify the means, while others claim it's the only hope for protecting our native wildlife. Informative, challenging and creatively filmed. Albatrocity Iain Frengley & Edi Saltau :: NZ :: 2009 :: 26 mins This story of the albatross immerses the viewer in the beauty, majesty and vulnerability of these birds as viewed through the dramatic prism of Coleridge's famous poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Remarkable oceanic and onshore footage is woven in with a large collection of natural history, harsh reality and folklore in a well paced viewing experience. Vegetables from the Sea Adam Hermans :: NZ :: 2009 :: 6 mins Our shores offer a great source of food that most of us ignore. You are invited to take a tasty bite and develop an appetite. Carving the Future Gus Ryan & Nick Holmes :: NZ :: 2010 :: 25 mins An inspirational account of how young New Zealanders are leading change for the betterment of our environmental future. Crafted for a youth audience, it shows how one person might change the future and inspire tomorrow's leaders to act today on the challenges posed by climate change and short sighted management. Features music by Cornerstone Roots.

1hr 40mins long